Make up line

The Rademaker make up lines produce your final product exactly the way you want it to. Your product is the starting point in designing the production solution. A strong focus on flexibility, durability, hygiene and performance guarantees an efficiently produced, high-quality final product.
Running at a speed ranging from 1.5 up to 9 meters per minute, the Rademaker make up lines are capable of continuous production around the clock. The make up line can be equipped with sheeting to final pastry thickness, flour removal brushes, circular cutters, various depositing systems, rolling-folding-shaping equipment, guillotine cutting knifes, stamping tools or even high speed horizontal guillotines. Decorating by means of egg yolk or water spraying system, universal strewers or a fruit and cheese applicator is possible as well.

Make up line
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Puff pastry

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