Our Industrial Bakery Production Solutions
Crusto bread line
Sigma Laminator
Croissant line
Pastry Make-up Line
Flatbread Sheeting Line
Pizza Line
Pie/Quiche Line


It is a great pleasure to enjoy quality bakery products on a daily basis. Highly skilled people combined with carefully selected ingredients, production processes and production lines are the base for this high quality.

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The Rademaker Research and Development department is continuously working on new and improved solutions. Ideas become concepts and these concepts get implemented into new bakery equipment. A process that is driven by your wishes and requirements.

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Food safety has always been paramount, never more so than in today’s world where news of recalls or related illnesses circle the globe instantaneously. The resulting pressure on food manufacturers also trickles down to their equipment suppliers to pay extra attention to hygienic design.

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Used / demo equipment - Last section Sigma Laminator + Make-up line ww 800mm

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