High product capacity
Unique Fit Tooling© for easy product change-over
Highly efficient production
User friendly operation and operator handling
Highest hygienic standards

Our Croissant line is developed to produce a wide product variety from mid-sized to industrial bakeries. Capacities of up to 150 rows per minute are achieved. Product capacities of up to 165,000 pieces per hour are possible for unfilled Croissants at special, dedicated Croissant lines. Capacities for filled croissants can go up to 54,000 pieces/hour, filled C-shaped croissants at 48,000 pieces/hour while unfilled the capacity can go up to 72,000 pieces/hour. Unfilled pinched croissant go up to 50,400 pieces/hour, and filled we reach capacities of 42,000 pieces/hour. More information about the Croissant line? Click here.


Working widths
  •    800 mm
  • 1,000 mm
  • 1,200 mm

In special cases we can produce at 1,400 mm.


Straight unfilled

Straight filled



Bend filled

Pinched filled


Artisan (unfilled and filled)

Mini croissant

Duo Color

Croissant production

Profitable croissant production

industrial croissant production

Moulding technology

Bending and pinching