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Radilinq revolutionizes depanning with three cutting-edge techniques: Needle, Vacuum, and Scrabble. Each method offers distinct advantages tailored to diverse bakery needs.

Needle Depanning:

Radilinq pioneers needle depanners, extending their use beyond limited products to a wide array like toast, rolls, baguettes, and more. Our pick & place needle depanners feature X-Y movement or a simple and reliable pivoting bar design, ensuring simplicity, maintenance ease, and various benefits:

  • Silent & clean depanning, preserving decorations and ensuring product integrity.
  • Interchangeable needle bars for different applications.
  • Effortless and swift needle bar exchange.<l/i>
  • Hygienic design for easy cleaning and low energy consumption.
  • Compact footprint with adaptable depanning capabilities.

Vacuum Depanning:

Employing vacuum for lifting products from trays or forms, Radilinq designs pick & place and continuous in-line vacuum depanners. Our innovations enhance vacuum depanning by:

  • Reducing vacuum power needs, resulting in cost and noise reduction.
  • Adapting vacuum cups for versatile product patterns on trays.
  • Enabling height and pivotal adjustments for ease of use and maintenance.
  • Offering standalone and movable units for flexibility.
  • Combining depanning techniques for versatile operations.

Scrabble Depanning:

Designed for delicate and soft products, scrabble depanning gently transfers items like soft rolls and dough pieces without compromising their integrity. Radilinq’s scrabble depanners excel with features such as:

  • Noiseless and damage-free depanning with minimal handling.
  • Adaptability for flat surface trays or boards with raised edges.
  • Automatic belt tracking and movement for efficient operation.
  • Compact design with hybrid capabilities for diverse depanning needs.

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