Exploit the joint expertise to the fullest

When a complete and efficient production plant is required, then the Rademaker Turn key department steps in. Clients can utilize Rademaker's project experience to set up the most efficient production process solution. Our approach to system integration is bringing together the best for every single sec­tion of a production facility. The customer is provided with a turnkey solution that integrates the Rademaker production line with a broad range of auxiliary products and systems, includ­ing silos, mixing, handling equipment, product carriers from dough preparation to other pro­cess stages, proofers, ovens and freezers. Relia­ble suppliers are chosen, with a proven track record in the bakery industry, who have a regional presence where needed and can offer the required service when needed. Each project is unique and therefore a specific combination of equip­ment will be proposed to meet an optimal result. The aim of the collaboration is solid and long-standing partnerships to exploit the joint exper­tise to the fullest.