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Bakery products have to be transported around the bakery, this means conveying products from and to and from the oven and rack (un)loader. That’s where Rademaker’s Radilinq's will be an efficient conveying solutions. Radilinq conveying will be tailored for precision across three types: Carrier Conveying, No Carrier, and Baked/Packaged Product Conveying.

Carrier Conveying:

Irrespective of the carrier used pan-straps, baking trays, or peel-boards Radilinq provides specialized conveyors ensuring a smooth journey from dough make-up to the oven, depanner, cleaning, and back.

Our range includes various belt types suitable for different production line segments, along with straight sections, curves, and programmable fixed position conveyors. Hygienic design and sensors ensure regulated carrier flow seamlessly.

No Carrier:

For dough pieces without carriers, Radilinq offers a modular conveyor system, including straight,
up-down, and curved units to maintain the original dough piece shape and position. Our conveyors emphasize hygiene with easy-to-clean components and feature positive driven belts for precise movement without slipping or tension risks.

Baked/Packaged Product Conveying:

Radilinq provides precise conveyance of final baked or packaged products. After depanning, our conveyors transport goods to cooling and packaging areas. Featuring bar-belts or modular plastic belts, our conveyors manage seamless product streams with switches, 90° transfer units, and curves. Options include fixed or mobile units made of robust aluminum profiles, equipped with standalone or complete line control.

Radilinq’s conveying solutions optimize bakery operations, ensuring a smooth flow of products through each production stage while maintaining quality, hygiene, and precision.

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