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Rademaker Robotics further reenforces our present dough processing solutions, with more flexibility.Providing automation for labor intensive processes in our lines, while keeping product quality, process accuracy and stability and our high hygienic standards as key factors. Rademaker's robots are fully integrated in the Rademaker process line, including all the benefits from an integrated HMI up to remote services.


Food safety has always been paramount, never more so than in today’s world where news of recalls or related illnesses circle the globe instantaneously. The resulting pressure on food manufacturers also trickles down to their equipment suppliers to pay extra attention to hygienic design.


The Rademaker Research and Development department is continuously working on new and improved solutions. Ideas become concepts and these concepts get implemented into new bakery equipment. A process that is driven by your wishes and requirements. This innovative and open-minded approach results in trendsetting designs based on the latest techniques and technologies. The emphasis on solid partnerships exploits our joint expertise to the fullest. Furthermore, Rademaker is constantly monitoring and revising internal processes in pursuit of improving the equipment’s performance. Our hygiene standards meet up with the highest standards in the bakery industry and Rademaker is proud to mention that its team consists of highly skilled and qualified employees, who make use of qualified materials only.

As the recognized leader in flexible dough production lines Rademaker guarantees large product quantities at high quality and an excellent return on investment. Over three decades of experience becomes evident in an unmatched dough quality. We constantly strive to improve our production lines and performance. Designed according to our latest hygiene and design standards, Rademaker production lines are state-of-the-art. Our continuous improvement program aims to increase machine performance during operation, change-over, cleaning and maintenance. Internal and external developments based on feedback from the market as well as our service department are the basis for optimization of our equipment.

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