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Possibilities and capacities

Every customer has their own ideas and wishes, like;

  • Process
  • Capacity
  • Bakery footprint
  • Future goals and dreams
  • Et cetera

Radini units are modular and therefor can be configured in various ways to create a configuration tailored to your bakery. The capacity of our production lines is determined by the working width, the number of product lanes and strongly depends on the product sizes, shapes as well as the product mix the line is designed for. Please find an indicative capacity range per hour below:

Laminated dough
+From 250 up to 1,000 kg of dough

For example, 14,000 folded products on 5 rows

For example, 4,800 croissants on 2 rows or 9,600 croissants on 4 rows

From 400 up to 1,200 kg dough or around for example 14,000 heart-shaped deep-fried products

From 250 up to 1,200 kg dough, which is equal to around for example 9,500 ciabattas on 4 rows

Added value

We understand your craftmanship. Discover Radini!

Uniform product quality
Semi- or fully automated production
Easy to operate
Modular configuration
Fast and easy change overs

Special requirements

The website shows a selection of options, but there are many more. Do you have a specific product in mind for production? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities +31 (0)345 543 543 or

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