Specialists in food processing equipment


Added value

Om bakkerijkennis te behouden en te delen door middel van onderwijs en training en onze klanten in staat te stellen om de winstgevendheid van hun Rademaker productielijn te maximaliseren.

Boost your staff's knowledge
Reduce downtime
Optimize line efficiency
Skilled trainers
Efficient cleaning and maintenance


Bakery Technology and Technical know-how are the key items that are required when a production line is installed and the production process is starting up. Problems occur when detailed know-how about production line operation, maintenance and dough processing is lacking. This can result into problems that will affect the overall production costs and product quality. ​

A general trend in the market is that the traditional bakery industry shifts more and more towards advanced sheeting technology. This obviously makes it necessary for all stake-holders to require more knowledge of this advanced way of dough processing. For this reason we have started the Rademaker Academy: ​

“To preserve and share bakery knowledge through education and training and enable our customers to maximize the profitability of their Rademaker production line.”​