Turn-key solutions

How do we work at the start of a project?

First we closely look at the customer requirements and together we discuss the possibilities and impossibilities of the ideas and plans. This results in the product data & the functional specifications of the sub processes are defined.

In the second step we develop an added-value solution that incorporates all the modules and systems needed. Partners are chosen carefully to provide the right system for each particular system-integrated solution. During the co-development process every partner brings in its own expertise.  Our client brings in the customer demands & provides the knowledge of the product.

In the third step we, as main contractor, provide the overall management of the project under the direction of a Senior Project Manager. This way the client can keep focusing on their core activity, without getting lost in complicated technical discussions and calculations and without having to allocate valuable manpower.

How Rademaker adds value through System Integration

We provide the optimal combination for the different systems that lead to a customer satisfying overall system. Our approach is bringing together the best for every single section of a production facility. Reliable suppliers are chosen, with a proven track record in the bakery industry, who have a regional presence where needed and can offer the required service when needed. The aim of the collaboration is solid and long-standing partnerships to exploit the joint expertise to the fullest. With these system-integrated solutions, Rademaker covers the complete dough processing activity, from dough handling to finished product.

Turn-key solutions for the following production facilities: