Bread rounder

The development of the industrial Rademaker Bread rounder has led to a wider range of product weights and dough types. The rounder transforms square dough pieces into rounded buns, varying from 100 to 800 gram a piece, capacities ranging from 1,100 to 1,800 kg/hr. From pre-fermented to green dough, for small to large rounded buns, the Rademaker bread rounder can handle it.


• Wide dough variety: suitable for green dough as well as prefermented dough

• Small & large rounded buns

• Minimum damage to the dough structure 


• Net dough width: 480 – 660 mm

• Dough piece should always be square-shaped

• Width and length is multiple of 11 mm (and should be equal)

• Dough thickness ranging from 20 to 35 mm


• Products: 100-800 gram, easy changeover to other product sizes

• Controls integrated in line control (no touch panel on the rounder unit)

• To be integrated in the Bread production line

• Easy access for maintenance, by doors

• Rounder can handle “green” and pre-proven dough

• Working width: 1,000 mm

• Dimensions L x W x H = 4,150 x 2,085 x 1,450 mm

Interested in the Bread Rounder or the industrial Bread production line? Contact our sales team: +31 (0)345 543 543.

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