The magic of stress free dough

Close your eyes and visualize a little bakery. Smell the delicious aroma of croissants and refined pastries. Wouldn’t you like to produce such delicacies? The secret of quality pastry and croissant products originates in the dough laminating process. Traditional lamination consists of sheeting the dough and adding a continuous fat layer that is folded into the dough sheet, after which the folded dough sheet is repeatedly laminated and sheeted to build up the required number of dough and fat layers. Rademaker uses its experience in sheeting technology to develop innovative, stress-free laminating processes. Therefore, we are capable of handling a broad range of dough, butter and fat types.

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  • Hygienic design adapted to exceed future standards
  • Fast & Easy cleaning
  • Cost reduction due to service & maintainability improvement
  • Efficiency improvement due to advanced intuitive process control and increased process widths
  • Best possible level of user friendliness
  • Strongly reduced energy usage


Thanks to a flexible design the Rademaker Laminator always combines high product quality with an optimal capacity, quick product changeovers and superb hygienic characteristics. Rademaker industrial dough laminating equipment always assures a high product output and the very best quality. In close cooperation with our valued customers, variables such as working widths and the number of dough layers needed are customized to meet your specific requirements.

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