Timeline milestones


Rademaker's interview with The Women’s Bakery at IBA 2023

Joris Mulders, our Sales Director for the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, had a conversation with Pauline Kariuki, Director of Operations at The Women’s Bakery. Pauline shared the latest progress points, including the 100-fold growth and their expanding social impact, empowering women in South Africa.

Rademaker's interview with The Women's Bakery at IBA 2023


In dialog with The Women's Bakery

During the IBIE in Las Vegas, we had the honour of catching up with Madeleine Binsfrahm of The Women's Bakery, among others. During this conversation, we were updated on the latest developments such as the opening of a new bakery in Rwanda.

In dialog with The Women's Bakery


Renewed partnership The Women's Bakery and Rademaker until 2024

Working with an organization that provides employment for vulnerable people, produces nutritious breads and feeds school children is not just a good cause worthy of support. At Rademaker we also recognize that this partnership also challenges us to think beyond our daily operations and ensure that we have a positive social impact in our work.


Project #Breadpower

Product development: The Women's Bakery requested Rademaker’s expertise on a very specific topic: the creation of a healthy Amandazi.
Project Breadpower


Rademaker's kicks off with a visit to The Women's Bakery

Two Rademaker representatives travelled to Rwanda to visit The Women's Bakery. Their objective was to gain a better insight into determining the goals of the partnership with The Women's Bakery and to coordinate Rademaker's in-kind contribution.


Rademaker is delighted to announce its partnership with the social enterprise The Women's Bakery, based in Rwanda, Africa

The basis of this partnership is to improve process and product quality with the ultimate goal of helping local people by providing affordable, quality products.