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It is a great pleasure to enjoy quality bread products on a daily basis. Highly skilled people combined with carefully selected ingredients, production processes and production line are the base for this high quality.

Dough processing holds no secrets to Rademaker. Our solutions are geared towards your specific dough process and products. The development process starts in the Rademaker Technology Centre. Our Technology Centre features several pilot lines for any bakery product, whether bread, puff pastries, croissants, pizzas and flatbread or specials such as gluten-free or reduced salt products. Here, our technologists develop the best products our customers demand and translate these into a Rademaker production line that will yield maximal results in terms of product quality and return on investment, with a focus on ingredient and waste reduction.

In the Rademaker Technology Centre, products and production processes are tested in an optimal testing environment with air-conditioned rooms for dough make-up, ovens, proofers, mixers and anything else you might need. Our recipe for the production lines or turn-key solutions designed for you: a unique combination of proven and new technology plus attention for detail, all based on your own requirements.